Fuzzy Puppy Tug with Tab
Fuzzy Puppy Tug with Tab
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Fuzzy Puppy Tug with Tab

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A favorite toy for puppies!! Made out of a fuzzy fleece material with heavy duty nylon tab for interactive play. Increase your puppies prey drive with this soft textured tug. This toy comes in two options - Stuffed with soft batting or stuffed with plastic that makes a fun noise that puppies love. Make sure to select the option you want.

This is NOT a chew toy! This is meant to be an interactive tug toy. Do NOT leave this toy with your puppy unattended. It only takes a few minutes for a puppy to chew through the material. Tug toys last a long time when used properly. We will NOT be able to refund or replace this toy for misuse. This includes the nylon tab.

These are approximately 8" x 4" with a 36" tab.

Handmade right here in Utah, USA!


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