ASPEN Floppy Disc Frisbee
ASPEN Floppy Disc Frisbee
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ASPEN Floppy Disc Frisbee

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Welcome to the world of soft bite floppy discs. This is a wonderful safe new toy for yourself and your animal friends. Made with the finest materials available, soft bite floppy discs are durable retrieval toys designed to avoid injury to your dog's teeth and gums. When used as a toss & fetch toy, soft bite should outlive any hard plastic disc. You may find however, the very qualities that make our discs soft and gentle to catch make them unsuitable to use as chew or pull toys.

Prolonged chewing and tugging may damage the disc.This is NOT a chew toy! Do NOT leave this toy with your dog unattended. It only takes a few minutes for a dog to chew through the material. We will NOT be able to refund or replace this toy for misuse. 


Size: 9 1/2 inches
Soft to bite
This disc flies and floats and is flexible and durable!
Folds into your pocket!
Cleans up easily


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