DuraFoam Ball
Dog Toy made out of DuraFoam Ball and a Leather Tab.
DuraFoam Ball
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DuraFoam Ball

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This 2-3/4” DuraFoam ball is designed to last. The DuraFoam ball is strong and still soft enough to be super safe for your dog's mouth. It also floats!

Paired with the leather tab, it makes an irresistible toy for your dog.  We use a high quality leather tab for its durability, a great look, and super comfortable feel in hand.

This is NOT a chew toy! This is meant to be an interactive tug toy. Do NOT leave this toy with your dog unattended. It only takes a few minutes for a dog to chew through the material. Tug toys last a long time when used properly. We will NOT be able to refund or replace this toy for misuse. This includes the leather tab.

Leather sourced from the USA and assembled right here in Utah, USA!


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